Mutiara Kata

Harta yang paling menguntungkan ialah SABAR. Teman yang paling akrab adalah AMAL. Pengawal peribadi yang paling waspada DIAM. Bahasa yang paling manis SENYUM. Dan ibadah yang paling indah tentunya KHUSYUK

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Morning dear fellow bloggers. Actually i dont have anything to share with all of you. I know some of you may said who cares what are you writing for. No ones want to read also. Instead if you were artists just like Najwa Latipp or Greyson chance. Fuhh... Fuhhh...Ya i know that im not famous among people but im amous among aliens. All of them know me. Hahaha. What a stupid jokes you have made Nadia!
 Actually i wanna share about yesterday. Someone had call me
 We on the phone for 4 minutes only
 Guess what ? He recognize my voice . Uh lala...  Then i act like i dont know who the girl that ue said ;) K, i have to go now. Need to pack my things up . Wanna go back to hometown ♡ Trolololo....

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