Mutiara Kata

Harta yang paling menguntungkan ialah SABAR. Teman yang paling akrab adalah AMAL. Pengawal peribadi yang paling waspada DIAM. Bahasa yang paling manis SENYUM. Dan ibadah yang paling indah tentunya KHUSYUK

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Dear sis, we all miss you so much. When will you come back ? I don't know why ,i feel like wanna share something with you. All my happiness and sadness , i'll always share with you rite. So  now i feel like losing you. You're my best sister that i ever had although i have two sister that the other one,don't even care about me. I feel like .. Ughh. Takde semangat tapi.. i have to face all this. Sometimes, u got annoyed me, but i know you do all those thing because you love me. You want me to be a better person. I do appreciate all those things and thankyou for your advice that you gives to me before you leave for your study. You did call me and ask for my results and give courage to get good results for my PMR. Again, thankyou sis . I hope you sucess in your life and achieve your dream to be a lecturer . 
Oh ya, last but not least, mum and dad sends regard to you. Assalamualaikum. 

Je t'aime !

Soul sister <3

Saranghae unnie !

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