Mutiara Kata

Harta yang paling menguntungkan ialah SABAR. Teman yang paling akrab adalah AMAL. Pengawal peribadi yang paling waspada DIAM. Bahasa yang paling manis SENYUM. Dan ibadah yang paling indah tentunya KHUSYUK

Friday, 19 October 2012

I'm out from this blogger world since when ah ? So long rite. Now i'm back after all those things had been solved smoothly. I feel so relieved after PMR is absolutely over. But, now i felt so boring. Nothing much to do. No more reading books, no more struggled, no more stressed. I'm free ! Sometimes, i miss that moment.  Weird rite? Yeah, i'm absolutely weird. After this, surely there must be so many activites will be held at school. Until now, we all still feel boring when we go to school because there is nothing much to do instead of gossiping and playing UNO cards. Teachers don't even entered our class. So, today i'm not going to school. Pity Marsya,Intan and Athirah. Just know Marsya called and she says that they were very boring and     
feel so regret for coming to school today. Haha. Pity them  :P

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